Advanced Integration of Soft Tissue Therapy and Chiropractic.




Dr Brent-Nolan Rubens graduated with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic from the Durban University of Technology (South Africa). Postgraduate qualifications include a Diploma in Chiropractic (United Kingdom) as well as a diploma from the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.

Previous teaching appointments over the last 17 years include the University of Johannesburg, University of Surrey (UK) and Murdoch University (WA).

– M.Chiro. (S.A.)
– D.C. (UK)


What should you expect

  • Our Practitioners will take a detailed medical history and comprehensive examination to arrive at a diagnosis.

    If we are unable to get the “whole picture” through a clinical examination we may send you for further imaging studies (X-Ray, MRI,CT), or ask for further tests to be performed before we move forward.

  • Once we are satisfied with the cause and extent of your condition we will explain it to you in a detailed yet understandable fashion.

    The next step is to discuss your options on treatment and whether our diverse set of techniques can be beneficial for a achieving an improvement.

  • Appointment are scheduled for 20-30minutes at a minimum to allow for complete evaluation and treatment every session.
    Our emphasis is placed on comprehensive treatment, largely involving soft tissue treatment prior to any chiropractic manipulative therapy. This has been shown to allow the greatest restoration of movement to be achieved and maintained.

  • Using Physitrack we can create a treatment plan for you and set realistic goals.

    We select specific stretches and exercises which are then emailed to you. The stretches and exercises are fully interactive and guided with detailed voice led instructions which are easy to follow. You can access your program anywhere, anytime.

Aches and Pains


Manipulative Therapy

Manual chiropractic techniques are primarily used used in our clinic.

Soft Tissue

Manual soft tissue therapy, stretching and mobilisation.

Dry Needling

Advanced muscular and soft tissue techniques.

Physio Therapeutics

Therapeutic modalities (ultrasound/electro therapy TENS etc).


Using distraction to relieve pressure on pinched nerves.


Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation techniques.


Sport and injury taping & strapping techniques.


Advanced RockTape application.

Sports Chiropractic

Sports chiropractic evaluates joint motion and muscular balance throughout the entire body. We look at the big 3: control, stability and efficiency.

Often an injury can be assessed whilst in a clinical setting, yet, we are not seeing the athlete in their “natural habitat” on their bike, in their running shoes, in the pool, with their bat,ball or club in hand or with their footy boots on.

Simulation is key to correct assessment of sport injuries and overuse conditions. Your assessment will incorporate:

  • Positions and postures assumed in your sport.
  • Your “tools of the trade” into the assessment.
  • Recreate the actions of the specific muscle joint complexes involved.
  • Take you out of the clinic and to the street/beach/pool/oval if need be.
This is where dynamic assessment trumps a static, stale clinical assessment.
What causes over use injuries?
  • Shortened muscle groups from maintained postures during training.
  • Reduced joint mobility due to postural changes.
  • Imbalances in repetitive actions at major joint muscle complexes.
  • Inefficient breathing patterns due to shortened abdominal and diaphragm muscles.
  • Poor training techniques.

Proprioception is the key to a strong and stable body. Proprioception is the brains ability to sense where and what the body is doing and make the fine adjustments it needs so not to damage the soft tissues. If the brain can’t sense the joints of the body correctly we become prone to overuse injuries.

How can we prevent this from happening?

Individual programs are designed for both acute symptoms and also looking chronic issues that may affect your goals and working with you to achieve strong, stable joints and soft tissues to cope with the punishment you throw at them.

Sports and race day nutrition

Developed using Torq products we can fine tune a plan for your long training sessions and recovery, then work to and create the perfect race day concoction using a combination of different energy sources to get you through the tough that event with enough in the tank to sprint to the finish.

Consultation Fees


Initial Consultation $110
Standard Consultation $70
Private health insurance rebates via Hicaps are available for chiropractic care but vary depending on the fund and individual benefits selected.

** Please Note: Fees may vary due consultation length and complexity.

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